I Listen Lessons: Lying Part 1

After hearing the term “alternate truth” bandied about in the news, I became VERY concerned.  One of the main jobs of a School Counselor is to teach children the importance of truth.  Being a good citizen means telling the truth, even when it is uncomfortable.

I found a quote that stated, “Denying the truth does not change the facts.”

In my I Listen Lesson series, I have decided to focus several lessons on lying and truth.  Please help me spread the word about this free program for counselors, teachers, or any adult that chooses to listen.

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Zen Junk

I’ve been cleaning out the basement in my parent’s house.  The basement is a treasure trove of stuff dating back to my great grandmother.  It is great fun to open boxes I wasn’t allowed near as a child!

I’ve found lots of creepy things.  A doll from 1940 with half of her face covered in mold.  I also found another doll that has the blinky eyes. I guess the iris was painted on, but it had flaked off.  So when she opened her eyes, it was all white.  Weird.

(not the actual doll, just to give you an idea)

Boxes and boxes of old photos.  No one really knows who the people in the photos are. Isn’t that strange.  The people had full lives, and now they have faded away.  All that is left of my grandparents memoribilia fits into 2 plastic tubs.

So I was being very Zen and I started thinking about my own life in relation to the stuff.  One day I too will fade away.  However, my life can be worth something if one person breathes easier because of me.  Then I will never fade away.

To reach this lofty goal, I will need to challenge myself to make a difference.  Counselors, I challenge you.  Stand up.  Make a difference in your school and community.  Become someone who refuses to “go gently into that good night“.


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I Listen Lesson: KINDNESS

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Empathy Poster

Last night in President Obama’s farewell speech, he touched on the importance of empathy. Quoting from To Kill a Mockingbird, “Atticus Finch, who said, ‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.’”

Please download my empathy poster to hang in your classroom, office, or school. Also, this week my I Listen program is focusing on empathy.

Visit my website, Counselor Created or Teachers Pay Teachers for a free lesson download and activities. Let’s all become great citizens!

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I Listen Lesson: Empathy

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Dr. Moon’s I Listen Movement

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3 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Counseling Office

1. White fairy lights!  A counselor’s office should be womb like, with muted colors.  I like using a mix of torchlights and fairy lights to give the perfect ambiance.
2. Jazz – Always have jazz on.  You can pick the tune to set the mood.  Is it a Louis Armstrong day? Or maybe Miles Davis? I prefer jazz to any other music.

3. Change your seating.  Make sure that you are always on the child’s eye level and not behind a desk.  I like to sit on the floor, and some counselors have fun chairs or bean bags.
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3 Must Haves for a School Counselor’s Desk



  1. Your favorite quote written on a notecard. Put it in a place so you will see it every time you open the door!  It’s also fun to change out quotes to match your mood.
  1. Blank cards – You can draw a heart on the front (or buy a heart stamp!). Fill the inside with words of good cheer and encouragement!
  1. CHOCOLATE – Every counselor has that moment where chocolate is an absolute necessity. Keep a backup on hand.
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3 Essential Things School Counselors Need in Their Office!


School Counselors need 3 essential things in their office.  Since the language of children is play, have stuff they can play with.  If you let kids keep their hands busy, they will start to talk to you!  The fact that they are not forced to make eye contact helps calm down and center students.

Here are my top 3 choices

  1. A koosh ball (or MANY koosh balls)

54198a2. A desk magnet toy

51fazrvdn0l3. A Rubick’s Cube


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Podcast 8: Change!

5413695877_978a088dbb_bJoin Dr. Moon as she shares with you ideas for dealing with change at school.

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