I Listen Lesson: WORDS & FEAR

Most adults shy away from talking about issues regarding race, ethnicity, and religion.  This is because they don’t know what to say, afraid to cause “a stir”, or feel as if they are alone in discussing these issues.

Students need to feel free to talk about confusing issues. They lack the maturity to process what they are seeing at home, on TV, or the internet.

Hopefully this lesson will help you become more comfortable in discussing uncomfortable issues.  Even if you are not confident, “act as if!”  You CAN do this!

I am rooting for you all the way.  Do not be afraid to be the light in the darkness!

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Dr. Poppy Moon is a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified School Counselor. She teaches in the Counselor Education Department at the University of West Alabama. Dr. Moon has written and illustrated many guidance related books, including Breaking the Boy Code and The School With No Rules.
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