How Dr. Moon Creates a Lesson

One of my students asked me:

Our school system is requiring all teachers to complete a minimum of one lesson concerning suicide with our students. Our counselor went through some basic information with us in about 10 minutes at a faculty meeting. Considering that I am working on my counseling degree, I wanted to do better than mediocre with this. Do you have any suggestions for resources or an idea of how best to start such a lesson?

This is a great question.  The best part of the question is that the counselor recognized the need for more education.  This is the mark of an excellent counselor.  You must be able to recognize the needs in your school and decide how you will meet that need.

This is my response:

Good for you!  I am glad that you see a need and want to fill it. That, my dear, is the mark of an excellent counselor.  When I want to start something, I educate myself first. I always do a Google search.  I try to be super specific, like:

suicide resources for high school counselors

suicide resources for elementary students

suicide lessons for …………

school counselor lessons on suicide

suicide faculty professional development

suicide educational PowerPoints

I then head over to YouTube, and do similar searches.  People like to watch videos, so find some that might work well in the lesson.

So then I sift through everything and take bits of good info from everywhere.  I cut and paste into a word doc or I make notes.  This word doc is just info and ideas.  Even if I have cut and pasted directly, I am not going to be plagiarizing because eventually I am going to write it in my own words.

From there, I began to create my lesson, brochure, handout, or whatever else you want to make.





Dr. Poppy Moon is a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified School Counselor. She teaches in the Counselor Education Department at the University of West Alabama. Dr. Moon has written and illustrated many guidance related books, including Breaking the Boy Code and The School With No Rules.
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