Movement Songs & Small Group Therapy

Join Dr. Moon as she discusses:

  • How to keep a kid from hogging small group time.
  • How movement songs can help you with classroom guidance.
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Counseling Case Studies 1

Join Dr. Moon as she cracks 2 tough counseling cases!

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Creating a Counseling Playroom

Join Dr. Moon as she discusses how to set up a playroom.

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Using the Bullet Journal

One of my main problems is keeping my life on track on a daily basis. My brain gets overwhelmed lots of information and I find that I am not productive when this happens. Even though I am entering lots of information into Evernote, sometimes still hard to find exactly what I’m looking for. This was becoming frustrating.

When I was in college I would use an academic planner.  I liked having quick access to tasks, but I didn’t like how the planner would not allow me to enter notes and other information.

I recently started using a system called the the Bullet Journal, and now I feel in control.  I know that when this journal is filled, I can scan it into Evernote and easily access it in iBooks.  It also teaches you how to create a helpful index.

So, If you are finding that you need a “hard copy” of your life, check this out!

The site says,”The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.”


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The Awesomeness of SWAY

Microsoft (don’t worry, I am still a Mac Girl) has a program called Sway.  It is included in Office 365, so you may already have it.  If you are a student at UWA, Office 365 is free to you to put on several computers.  I like Sway because it does the job of PowerPoint without being boring!

Here is a clip to demonstrate a Sway:

So I saw some cool Sways.  This is one I really like:


Here is a Sway I did for a student intern.  She had a student in her school pass away.

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Starting Off as an Intern

Join Dr. Moon as she discusses starting off as a school counseling intern. The info is also pertinent for current interns too!

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Common Issues Facing School Counselors

Join Dr. Moon as she covers some of the common issues facing school counselors today.

Here is the PowerPoint as a PDF to follow along!

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Interview with a First Year Counselor


Meet Jenny Carson, a new school counselor.  She has agreed to be interviewed over the course of the year, sharing with us all her new experiences along the way.

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Interview Tips for School Counselors

Here are some tips & ideas for interviews:

  1. Let them know how passionate you are about counseling.
  2. Tell them that one of your weaknesses might be planning a comprehensive program, but that you are up to the challenge with the help of another school counseling colleague (networking & consultation).
  3. Focus on how you are a team player

Share some experiences you had in your internship that helped you grow as a person and as a counselor.

Explain how you would help with a positive school climate:

  1. Being Visible
  2. Recognizing everyone for good work (teachers, cafeteria staff, admin, custodians, etc.)
  3. Creating a safe space for students (explain how you would do it).
  4. Programs for parents
  5. Family movie night
  6. Dad & Daughter lunch

Ask the interviewers:

  1. Will I be doing classroom, individual, & small groups?
  2. Will I have the freedom to run my own program and be supported?
  3. What duties will I expect to have (bus duty, etc.)
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About Dr. Moon

Listen to Dr. Moon talk about how she became a school counselor.

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